Thursday, June 19, 2014

Crust Lovers Unite! and for those with kids that hate crust...

I was reading an article about an 'Old Wives' Tale' regarding swimming right after eating.  Long story short, it's ok to swim right after you eat, though they did say if you had a large, heavy meal, you might feel a bit nauseous.

At the bottom of the article, they had a link to other 'Old Wives' Tales' including one about the crust of bread.  Kids, mine included, though I never cut it off for them, but would take one for the team and eat all the end slices (and still do...umm, Jane?  Crust won't kill you :) ).  I always told them, the end slice and the crust is good for you.  But, I never knew why.  Now I do.  And, here's the info you can pepper at your kids when they whine about crust and end slices:

"Bread crust not only contains powerful antioxidants that can combat cancer, it is also rich in dietary fiber, which can prevent colon cancer. "

Well, that's good enough for me.  My kids are past that hating crust stage, and they don't whine about end slices, but they will leave them in the bag and open a new one when they make their own sandwiches.  Now I can give them some real, solid evidence.  Maybe it'll even get my wife to eat the end slices :)

I've also gotten some good news on the knee support side, but that info will be coming later (no, no surgery, yes, still have knee pain, still not running).


  1. I don't let my kids skip the crust, "we don't waste food in this house" my daughter tries to every chance she gets and my son wants to eat the "butts" (end slices) :)

    1. Butts...Maybe my kids would eat them more readily if I called them butts. When I started making them eat the butts, I'd flip them over so they wouldn't notice until they started eating :)