Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Past Month in Review

That is all...

Ok, not quite.  Except in terms of actual running.  That's still a zero.

Stationary trainer?  I got on it twice in the past couple weeks and had planned on more, but things happen.

Things like my wife breaking her upper arm into three pieces when she fell out in Vegas, then needing surgery to insert a rod.  Not fun.  I felt so helpless; there was nothing I could do.  She's in so much pain, but it's been getting better the past week or so.  She's been kicking PT's butt, too.  She's going where I went oh so many times.

I joined a 12x12 Picture Book Writing Challenge that I've been spending way too much time at.  On the plus side, I've written 4 picture book manuscripts in the 6 weeks or so since I joined.  I've also submitted a few MS's to agents and publishers as well as a poem I just sent out to Highlights.

My book, The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly has been making the rounds on a couple running blogs: Life As A Running Mom and Miss Zippy- Thanks ladies!!  I've had a few others post pictures as well.  I really appreciate the support!!!

Also, I just got it into a large, independent bookstore, The Towne Bookcenter and Cafe in Collegeville, PA.  I was hoping they'd take 4 or 5, but the woman in charge of books by independent authors said she'd take all the ones I had on me!  Lucky 13 :)

With the weather warming up, and the snow slowly melting away I plan on getting out to the trails.  I'd like to hike a couple miles with a couple minutes of running thrown in.  Really, I just want an excuse to play in the mud!!

I hope life is being good to you all and that you're finding happiness in all you do!!


  1. Sorry your wife broke her arm, ouch! Hope it heals up nicely. I will have the book featured on my blog later this week, Monday or Tuesday I am thinking. My kids love it, my daughter requested it three times last week for her bedtime book :)

  2. Thanks Christy :) She was able to lift her arm about an inch or so without support on Friday, so progress is coming!! I'm so happy your daughter loves it!!