Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 Goals revisited

I posted my goals for this past year, well, last year.  Here they are, with how I did!!

My Goals: XX= done

1. Get at least one coaching client XX

a. tweet/ post coaching page XX

b. flyers

1A. PRS FIT Running Clinic- signed up, then surgery hit

a. XX

b. get a ticket. 

2. Maintain my certification XX

a. I have to take 1st aide/ cpr this year

3. Stay healthy  Woops, surgery :(   I did the sub goals until September

a. PT exercises 1x per week after PT is over

b. core workout 2-3 times a week

c. running muscle strengthening 1x per week

d. running drills 1x per week.

e. stretching light after each run

f. time on rollers- 30 minutes 1x per week

4. Run the Tussey Mountainback 50 miler ***No can do***  :(

a. See goal 3

b. Set up a smart, safe training plan based on the goal.

c. Set up plan by stepping back 4 weeks at a time, taper.  Taper 3 weeks into it.

d. Cross train. - attempted, but knee wouldn't let me continue with aerobic workouts

4. Finish a Triathlon- nope, injury

4b. Under 19 5k (6:06) Surgery, limit speedwork :(

4c. Under 18 5k (5:47) DITTO :( 

5. Stay off line/ no technology 1 day per week (Mondays?). Didn't work out, but cut back a lot- except during surgery recoveries, removed all games from my phone

a. No games.  No FB.  That's it.  Just stay off.  Like sugar.

6. Cook more meals for lunch for the week. XX

a. read Moosewood cookbook. XX

7. Try more healthy foods/meals for the family. XX

a. read Moosewood Cookbook

8. Eat out less- healthier and saves money XX

a. just don't do it.  See #7

9. Run more with the kids XX

a. once a week, ask them to go for a warm up: 1 5k with C, 2 w/ M

10. Run with people at work: nope...

a. 1-2x a month, join the group

11. Get an ambassadorship: Swiftwick!, Nathan! XX

12. Read more instead of tv/FB XX

a. more Star Wars books XX and more!!!

13.  Get out more/ 1x per month go out somewhere XX

a. walking/riding trails XX

b. Hawk Mountain XX

c. park by my parents

d. Lockridge

e. day outings to state parks

f. Blue Marsh XX

14. Family puzzles XX

a. get bigger ones- had one, cat threw up on it :)

b. puzzle pads/ large pice of cardboard

15. More kid chore XX

a. Connor bring out trash

b. Maddie sweeping steps


  1. 2 Live Crew!
    Great minds think a like! I just went through my 2013 goals and wrote my 2014 goals. :) Looking forward to seeing how things progress in 2014!
    Thanks for holding us all accountable!

  2. You're welcome Angie! Any bites for pacing or crewing? I plan on being at Labor Pains this year even if it's just to find one person to pace for one lap. I know one person who wants to make it her first 50k. I'll bring my big awning tent to set up with chairs and a table or two for anyone who wants to join us/ store crap!